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Charge + Sync Dock with Lightning Cable for iPhone 8/7/6 /6 Plus /5/5S


Charges Your Device 60% faster

Sync Dock
Sync Dock for iPhone 6
Sync Dock for itouch 5
Sync Dock ipad miniFeatures.1. Built-in Lightning connector,Color: Silver, blue
2. Convenient portable dock quickly charges your Apple mobile device
3. Connects to your laptop or PC with built-in USB cable,Sync and charge your device at

the same time.
4. Automatically syncs your device with your iTunes library
5. Compatible with iPhone 6 /6 Plus, iPhone 5 5s 5c and iPod touch 5, ipad mini

charge + sync dock, station of recharge and of sybchronisation, built-in lightning

connector, micro 5pin

Product Description:

1. Easily charge and sync your iPhone 6 /6 Plus, iPhone 5 5s 5c and iPod touch 5, ipad

mini with the Charge + Sync Dock. This compact dock features a built-in Lightning dock

connector that quickly charges your device. The dock connects directly to your PC or

laptop, so you can charge your device whenever you are near a powered computer. And

thanks to its portable design, the dock helps you keep your Apple device charged wherever

you go.

2. Lightning Dock Connector Simplifies Charging and Syncing
Charging your Apple device with the Charge + Sync Dock is fast and easy. Simply plug your

device into the dock’s integrated Lightning dock connector, and then plug the dock into

your PC or laptop with the attached 4-foot USB cable. The dock uses your computer’s

existing power supply to charge your Apple device. While docked, your device can also

sync with your computer’s iTunes library automatically.

3. Compact, Portable Design
The Charge + Sync Dock is compact enough to transport in a bag or briefcase. Store it in

your laptop bag so you can give your Apple device a quick charge whenever your laptop is

powered. The dock also features a sleek painted aluminum finish that attractively

complements your other devices.

4. Compatibility Information
The Charge + Sync Dock is compatible with iPhone 6 /6 Plus, iPhone 5 5s 5c and iPod touch

5, ipad mini.

5. Depending on the type of case you have, you may need to remove your case before

charging. If your speakers, Lightning connector, and AUX port are fully exposed when your

case is on, you should be able to easily charge your iPhone without removing the case.

Can I use this dock to charge from the wall?
Yes. When you want to charge from the wall, simply plug the USB cable into your own wall

charger with USB port, then plug into the wall.

Will this dock sync my iPhone when it’s plugged into the wall?
No. To sync your iPhone or iPod touch, plug the USB cable into your computer’s USB port.

Do I need a separate Lighting-to-USB cable?
No. The Lightning connector is built into the dock, so you’re ready to charge and sync as

soon as you take it out of the box.

What’s in the Box
Charge + Sync Dock with 4-foot USB cable


Product Description

Charge Sync Doc

Additional Information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 4.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 cm


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